X Box Elite Controller reviewed is it worth it?

When looking at the Xbox Elite controller the question probably is, is it worth the £110 price tag?  When buying an x box you get at least one free controller.  If you buy another it can cost from as little as £23.99.  If you buy a new standard controller they cost in the region of £50.   Recently I got the chance to purchase an elite controller and I jumped at the chance.

First impressions as I opened the packaging was how heavy it felt compared to the normal controller.  Giving the Elite controller a premium feel that you only get with these high-end kinds of controllers.

The thumb sticks are interchangeable with two different sizes depending on the preference. They feel solid when you remove them.  There is no awkward twisting to remove they are held in place magnetically and feel very sturdy.

The normal cross d-pad can also be replaced with a circular version that will help people trying to get those combo’s in fighting games.Elite Controller 02

At the back of the controller is an additional 4 buttons that can be programmed to any settings you like.  A button on the front allows you to flick between two profiles. You control these profiles either through your xbox, or PC.

The X on the controller can also be adjusted to the brightness you like, but the 4 buttons on the front do not light up which look and seem like they should because they are very dark.

Even the USB cable comes braided and with a good length.  Elite controller still does not come with a rechargeable battery.  At this price range, you would think a rechargeable battery would be included in the price.


Elite Controller Conclusion

The Xbox elite controller is a premium controller with a nice heavy feel.  It has grips which should allow you to comfortably game for hours.  Although the cost is high it is not much different to a Scuf controller.  In comparison though I do prefer how the elite controller back buttons are placed when in comparison with a Scuf one.

I do think that the Xbox Elite controller is worth the extra money for someone who would want one.  The extra features and buttons will give you that added advantage when facing people online. They are more than worth the money for the hard core gaming fans.

Elite controller 03 back buttons

Casual gamer’   s are probably not going to look at buying a new Elite controller.  I have seen used elite controllers going for as little as £50 online.  For the quality of this controller if you can grab one of these bargains you would be mad not to.

Elite Controller 04 back and front

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