Valve’s Anti-Cheat System VAC

VAC, or by its full name Valve Anti Cheat, is a system designed to automatically detect cheating.  What it does is when the gamer connects to a server that is VAC secured and then checks the gamer’s system for any installed cheats.  This system then bans the gamer from any VAC secured server to play that particular game.

Steam VAC

Cheats and hacks that give a gamer an unfair advantage against another gamer is essentially what VAC searches for.  The system looks for modification to the games system files and dll, which is short for dynamic link libraries.

This is why it is important to only play on trusted machines when playing online.  Once you have received a ban that ban is enforced for life.  Steam will not remove the ban and contacting Steam support will be of no use.

If you have knowledge of a cheat that isn’t in the public domain there is a way to contact Steam to report the cheat.

However, VAC is not  by default put into games.  Games wanting this type of checks have to be run off a VAC enabled server to be eligible.  Therefore there are still games that you might have in your library that will allow cheating.

As your Steam library can be shared between different users it is possible to get a ban without actually doing anything yourself.  If you allow someone access to your Steam game library and they in turn install a cheat on a game your user name is the one that gets the ban not there’s.

Online cheating in the multiplayer arena has been very prolific and with this VAC software and Microsoft releasing its own version called TruePlay.  This might result in getting fewer cheaters online and having been on a server when someone is cheating myself realise how it detracts from the experience of game playing.

If you are interested in finding out exactly what games are VAC enabled in steam then you can click here to find out.

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