TruePlay anti-cheat game feature add to Windows 10 through the Fall Creators Update

Microsoft has now released documentation on the new TruePlay anti-cheat feature.  Cheating in online games is a big problem and Microsoft hopes this will help developers counter online cheating.  TruePlay anti cheating is aimed to allow developers to combat cheating activity such as aimbots or wall hacks popularised in online gaming.

Anti-cheat software is not unusual after all Valve has its very own anti-cheating software called VAC.  VAC stands for Valve Antie-Cheat and is an automated system designed to weed out cheating on the Valve platform.Microsoft TruePlay anti-cheat API

This does not mean that all games will have these features.  Only games accessed and bought through the Microsoft store will have access to TruePlay.  This means it is currently only available to games developed for the Universal Windows Platform for now.  However the Microsoft store has only got a very limited games available right now.  Especially when in comparison with the likes of Steam who’s game library is massive.

I look forward to any type of anti-cheat features especialyy when online gaming.  Cheating while online gaming influences the overall gaming experience for other players.  Recently while gaming on the BattleFront 2 multiplayer beta.  Several players were cheating while on line and just meant that people left games and has the potential of making players not want to play the game.  You can read more about my experience on BattleFront 2 beta here, or watch the actual footage below.

Will TruePlay anti cheating help

By default right now the anti-cheating feature is currently installed and switched off, but soon things could change.  Developers are now being given access to API via Microsoft.  I think this is can only be a positive step forward as long as the TruePlay is good and used by developers.

However as long as people are online gaming they will always look at getting the better advantage over other players.  Cheating is the simplest way to do this and the easy way out.

Player cheating on the latest Star Wars Battlefront II game

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