Top 10 Programming Language

Here is my list of top 10 programming languages:

  1. SQL – Top 10 Programming Language

SQL Top 10 Programming Pronounced sequel is one of the top jobs since it is used worldwide.  Database’s like MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server power big and small businesses alike.  Every android and iPhone has access to a SQL database.

  1. Java – Top 10 Programming Language

Java Top 10 ProgrammingJava is one of the widely used languages due to its 20+ years of being in use.  It’s the language used to develop android app.

  1. JavaScript – Top 10 Programming Language

JavaScript Top 10 ProgrammingJavaScript is not Java by any means and is often confused with Java.  This is one of the most powerful languages in the world and is used in Facebook, Google and Amazon.  JavaScript being only the 3rd most popular language might be the most important one to learn.

  1. C# – Top 10 Programming Language

C# Top 10 ProgrammingPronounced C-sharp is a fairly new programming language based on C.  This language is run on the .Net framework designed by Microsoft.

  1. C++ – Top 10 Programming Language
C++ Top 10 Programming

Pronounced C-plus-plus is a general object-orientated programming language based on C.  C++ was release in 1983 and a majority of software you use has probably been written using some form of C++.

  1. Python – Top 10 Programming Language
Python Top 10 Programming

Python is simple to use and easy to learn.  It is the language for beginners as it syntactically looks like English when compared to most other languages.  It also more adopted by the scientific community as it enables them to concentrate more on theory then complicated code.

  1. PHP – Top 10 Programming Language
PHP Top 10 Programming

PHP is mainly used within the web industry.  It is a popular language for its ease of use by new programmers and offering advanced features too.

  1. Ruby on Rails – Top 10 Programming Language

Ruby on Rails Top 10 ProgrammingRuby is also a general

purpose programming language.  However it is best known for the web usage.  Ruby is the name of the language and Rails is the framework it uses much like C# and the .Net Framework.

  1. iOS/Swift – Top 10 Programming Language
Swift Top 10 Programming

Swift is apples own attempt at its own programming language.  Swift is similar syntactically to C and Objective-C.

  1. D – Top 10 Programming Language
D Top 10 Programming

D programming language is a relatively new programming language, but is beginning to get a huge following.  As the following at the moment is quite small you might have the chance to get your foot in the door.

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