Wolverine Ultimate Razer’s gaming controller revealed

Razer Wolverine Ultimate controller is razers attempt at the gaming controller world.  Wolverine ultimate controller has been designed with a look of the X-box one elite controller.  Razer has designed the controller to fit in your hands comfortably.  Also claiming that the controller will feel comfortable after hours of playing.Wolverine Ultimate Front

Wolverine Ultimate has Customisation

Comparing the wolverine ultimate to other premium controllers all the buttons has customisation.  The controller has two interchangeable thumb sticks at varying heights and shapes.  Also including two interchangeable D-Pad button layouts for the different type of game’s being playing.

Extra Buttons

Wolverine Ultimate controller comes with a vast array of extra buttons to give an added advantage when playing.  In comparison to other controllers the Wolverine ultimate does not just have four extra buttons of the back, but also has 2 extra bumper buttons on the shoulder.  These bumper buttons are labelled M1 and M2 and the four rear buttons are M3 to M6.

Wolverine Ultimate shoulders


Razer has also included with the Wolverine Ultimate the Chroma lighting scheme.  This allows the gamer to customise the controllers lighting between the entire colour spectrum of 16.8 million colours. Something PC gamers are used to when they buy Razer products, but has now also been included in the X-Box console.

Another added feature will also be that through Razer’s Chroma SDK developers will be able to integrate lighting changes directly into the games they create.  This will allow developers to think about the games atmospheric appeal outside the game as well as inside.

Wolverine Ultimate back


All this customisation is available through the Synapse software that has also been added to the Xbox one console.  Synapse software is cloud based, so the configuration can be unified over all your devices.  Being cloud based means even if the device is taken to a friends, or school the configuration is still accessible.

Tech Specs


  • 6 additional buttons

    Razor Ultimate side

  • Interchangeable buttons and D-Pad
  • Chroma lighting
  • Carry case
  • Xbox one and PC compatibility
  • Audio port with buttons built in to control speaking
  • 3 meter USB Cable


The Xbox one elite controller has to be one of my favourite controllers.  However, the wolverine ultimate comes with a suggested retail price tag of $159.99.  This makes the controller one of the more expensive ones out there.  It does have the potential with the extra buttons, for hard core gamer’s to really like.

In conclusion, the Wolverine Ultimate will only be successful depending on the quality feel and button usability.  Comparing the feel of the Xbox one elite controllers back button’s and the Wolverine Ultimate looks different.  These extra buttons need to be positioned, so they feel natural to access.  This is an advantage the Xbox one elite controller has over a scuff controller.  Expect a full review once the controller is released.  For more information on the Wolverine Ultimate click here


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