Razer Phone to be unleashed this November

Gamers of the world hold their breath while waiting for the upcoming release of the Razer phone coming later this month. The phone has no catchy title in fact Razer has called it Phone.

Razer do plan to make the Phone available as of the 17th November. However, you can pre-order the phone from the mobile phone company Three in the UK.

Razer is already a massive company within the computer gaming industry.  They already have product line including mice, keyboards, headphones and the new game pad Wolverine.

The jump to mobile phone might not seem as straight forward to some people.  In January 2017 Razer bought the smartphone company Nextbit and this made gamers ears pick up.

Up until know gamers have had a choice of Samsung, Apple and Google, but the possibility that this could be the next must have accessory for the serious gamer could be huge.  It could also take a big chunk out of the sales of these companies.  However just remember because you have a big name in one arena does not going to smash it in another e.g. Microsoft and the Lumia phones.

How Much will the Razer Phone cost?

In the UK the razor phone will cost an eye watering £699, but is not so bad if you compare the phone to the cost of a brand-new iPhone.  This is around the cost of another rival Samsung, but will the phone be able to compete with a giant that has already had 8 incarnations to get it right.

What is the Razer Phone Specs?

It has a 5.72in screen with a 120Hz refresh rate and games will no longer need to be limited to the 60 frames per second.  The resolution stands at 2560×1440, but can be reduced down to 1920×1080 to reduce stress on demanding games and also increase battery life.

The processor is the Snapdragon 835 which has an advanced 10-nanometer design.  It is designed to deliver long battery life and excellent Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.  All this is backed up with a massive 8 GB of RAM to make sure smooth running.  The battery is also a massive 4000mAh to make sure your playing intensive games.

Storage is a little weak with a small 64 GB this might seem allot smaller than most varieties of phones.  Apple now offers a 128 GB and a 256 GB storage option on their iPhone.  In comparison this seems small, but the storage is expandable to 2TB.

Razer Phone

Razer Phone Camera’s

In the gaming world streaming and YouTube cameras are important.  The Razer Phone has a front facing camera with 8Mp and a dual rear camera with 12 Mp wide and a 13Mp telephoto which should be enough for the amateur for the selfie generation.

Razer Phone Speakers

With Dolby ATMOS the Razer Phone can give you a true cinematic sound.  Which is very important when playing games and an essential part of a phone.  The speakers are situated on the front of the phone and has dual amplifiers.

Other Razor Phone features

The connectivity has all the usual Wi-Fi with 2.4 and 5 GHz, Bluetooth 4.2  and NFC connectivity.  The phone supports GPS + Glonass, (Global Navigation Satellite System).  It has the usual nano-SIM  and weighs 197g.

Like Apple’s iPhone Razer has done away with the headphone jack, but will supply audio through the USB-C like the iPhone 8.  One important aspect missing from a modern phone today is the lack of wireless charging which I would be lost without now.  Your phone is now a replacement for your diary contacts and in some cases PC.  Wireless charging at your work desk is essential to keep the battery topped up.

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