Pixel 2 launch event set for October 4th

Google has set a launch event for their second-generation Pixel phone.  This comes directly after apple announces their next iPhones, iPhone 8, 8 plus and X.  You might have noticed when typing into google a link that urges viewers to “ask more” and then a tagline of “thinking of changing phones”.

In 2016 Google launched the first Pixel phone on October 4th, so this comes one year after the launch.  Google is taking the step even further by placing adverts on billboards teasing the upcoming launch.

Pixel the solution to your phone problems

As the advert suggests google is picking up some key problems being types in by users into their web site.  Questions like, whats wrong with my phone’s battery, why is my phone always out of storage, why does my phone take blurry photos?  It also eludes to questions like why a smart phone is slow, hot, broken and dumb.

Pixel 2 phone

These are gripes that most users of smartphones have had over the years and maybe Google is suggesting they have come up with the answer for all these questions.  The Pixel phone added optical image stabilisation, OIS, this wasn’t available when the Pixel was first released.

Is the rest of the questions pointing out the problems Samsung has just had for the past year with their recalls.  Google might also be taking a jibe at Apples personal assistant Siri with the dumb comment.  As Samsung phones already come shipped with Google Assistant on them.

Google didn’t capitalised last time on the problems of its competitors last year.  Although they could not hope to be on the same level as iPhone, or Samsung.  The initial feedback of the Pixel phone by Google has been positive and Google are probably hoping to continue this trend with the next phone.

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