Intel’s forgetful moment in 28 core fiasco

It is clear to see that this generation and future generation of processor’s will be fought in core count and the race for at least Intel is to reach the holy grail of 5-GHz.  So much so that recently during a reveal of a processor at Computex they forgot to mention that their processor that appeared to be running at 5 GHz had in fact been over clocked.core i-7 processor

Intel’s excitement did not just lead them to forget they had massively over clocked their processor, but actually required a water chiller to push the 28 cores to the 5-GHz’s.  Great some people might say, but this was not your everyday water chiller that you can pick up easily.

This water chiller was actually a Hailea HC-1000B and can need as much as 1000W of power.  This is capable of chilling water in aquariums of up to 1000 Litres and can cost as much as £802.

Why the rush to show something off that is clearly not ready is another clear sign that Intel fears AMD’s high core count processors with AMD’s new Threadripper 2 coming out this year with a staggering 32 cores and 64 threads. Even though the Threadripper 2 will not get to the speeds of 5 GH-z at least these processors are available and does not require an industrial aquarium chiller to make them run.

Already PC manufacturers are gearing towards AMD’s Threadripper with the likes of Dell already planning to use Threadripper 2 chips in their Alienware desktops in 2018.  This is notably because of AMD’s chips offering a competitive price over Intel.  Intel’s chips on average usually cost double for the similar core count.

Once again Intel has shown its true colours and actual fear of AMD’s Threadripper line by trying to overshadow their announcement of the Threadripper 2.  It has however had the direct opposite effect and placed an even larger light on AMD’s high core count processor.

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