Impact of IoT on mobile app development

World wide millions of people are now using and relying on mobile apps more than any other software.  The Internet of Things is constantly growing to adopt these apps.  For this very reason the IoT is sure to have an influence on the creation on mobile apps over the coming years,

Please read my article on the world of Internet of Things if you are unsure what the IoT is.  With the IoT smartphones can be used to control and execute any number of tasks in your everyday life.  This is a total integration into your life, your mobile device to enhance your life and make mundane tasks even easier.

Hybrid App Development

So just like a car that has a hybrid drive system a hybrid app has more than 1 way of working or communicating with its user.  For example, using a smart watch to control your phone through a app, or your phone to control the heating in your house instead of the thermostat.  Mobile apps are increasing the connectivity between its users and home devices.

Centralised House Management

House management at one time was controlled by a person who would only be able to control the thermostat, or light switches from their home.  Now you can control either along with a plethora of other task and devices.

Beacon technologies make this even more simpler by allowing your device to know its proximity between themselves.

Greater Adaptability of Apps

As more and more smart objects become more common place in our homes and more widely used many more app’s will become designed with the features built in.  Many App developers will probably look at targeting as many features of connectivity as possible, or risk their app becoming obsolete to their competitors.

Not only will developers make sure that their app is fully integrated with the relevant IoT, but also have an eye on any further updates that may be required further down the road.

Shift in focus to the things function

For years an app developer’s only concern was the function of the app.  The focus now would need to be shifted from the function of the apps to the function of things and how they will integrate with the app.

Software engineers will have to have a solid understanding of the device’s underlying technology and base the development of the app onto that.  Especially with how the app can find way’s of connecting to the app such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and mobile technologies.

Greater Focus on Security

The more devices that are connected the more vulnerabilities there are for cybercriminals to try and exploit.  App developers must make sure that they understand the potential vulnerabilities and place emphasis on the security of their apps.

Multi-Tiered Development Process

App development for IoT should ideally be a multi-tiered development process.  With apps being divided into 5 tiers to maximise the cohesion between the app and devices.  Those tiers should be split like this

  • Device
  • Gateway
  • Data
  • Analytics
  • Application

Some app developers have the experience of dealing with so many individual layers or be writing programs in a language that can necessitate the apps development.  This might require the developer to integrate new languages and development techniques to integrate these tiers efficiently.

Focus on specialist IoT App Development

App developers will be familiar with dealing with cross platform development.  They are familiar with this because of the different technologies that exist such as Android and iOS on phones.  However, IoT has a unified platform and companies should focus on hiring developers that are familiar with the IoT niche.

If companies do not invest in hiring developers with an understanding of IoT they might find themselves slowly lagging behind their competition.


Please take the time to check out the infographic below and thanks to Ers IT Solutions for creating the infographic and allowing me to write the article based on the graphic.


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