Highest paid IT Jobs in the world my top 10

Looking for the highest paid IT job for you to go into.  Check out the best paid IT jobs in the world and see if your job makes the grade.  All pay scales are estimated based on a range of salaries for the given job.  It is possible to gain lower, or even higher salaries than the ones specified.  Also job descriptions might change from country to country and business to business.

  1. Software Architect

This is probably the highest paid IT job you can have.  As a software architect you are expected to create a system architecture from the ground up and solving any major software problems that arise.

Pay scalehighest paid It jobs 01

  • UK £53,247
  • Canada CAD 97,575
  • US $125,000
  • India Rs 1,819,061
  1. Data Scientist

Data scientists are probably the 2nd highest paid IT job in the world.  Data scientists are dedicated to the science of data.  One job of the data scientist is to analyse any data given and make sure it is relevant for its use within a company, or team.  Data scientists are driven by the likes of a companies desire for big data analysis and gets you into one of the top spots.

Pay Scale

  • UK £50,000
  • Canada CAD 90,000
  • US $112,000
  • India 620,244
  1. DevOps Engineer

You will need a high level understanding of administrating Windows and Linux OS.  Virtualisation experience within cloud public and private.    A very broad technical ability with the ability to script in a language. The ability to code is also a massive advantage.

Pay ScaleHighest paid It jobs 02

  • UK £49,000
  • Canada CAD 72,669
  • US $105,600
  • India Rs 666,232
  1. Java Developer

A Java Developer requires a high level understanding of the Java programming language.  A java developer will have to develop the software, designs and prototypes and testing.

Pay Scale

  • UK £57,500
  • Canada CAD 81,639
  • US $81,716
  • India Rs 399,247
  1. Mobile Developer

A mobile developer is someone who usually works in the Andriod, iOS, iPhone, or Symbian sector.  They usually have strong abilities to code in multiple languages and code in languages such as Java, HTML5, C# and PHP for UX/UI design. Take a look at my top 10 list of languages for more information on languages.

Pay Scale

  • UK £27,280
  • Canada CAD 57,380
  • US $78,232
  • India Rs 348,785
  1. Front-End Developer

Front end developers are responsible for designing websites and applications used in website design.   The skills a front-end developer will have the ability to code in different languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery.  Front end developers also have to know how to create responsive web sites for different computers, mobile and tablet screens.

Pay Scale

  • UK £28,253
  • Canada CAD 55,392
  • US $75,000
  • India Rs 425,863
  1. Database Admin

Database admins are responsible for maintaining databases.  They are responsible for designing and implementing the system policies and processes.

Pay Scale

  • UK £30,589
  • Canada CAD 63,891
  • US $71,429
  • India Rs 456,523
  1. .Net Developer

.Net developers are among the most complicated jobs to learn and will have a broad skill range:

  • Web programming skills
  • Technologies and languages such as HTML, CSS, JQuery, Bootstrap and JavaScript
  • Certification through Microsoft such as MCSD.

 Pay Scale

  • UK £43,407
  • Canada CAD 60,983
  • US $65,791
  • India Rs 353,485
  1. Product Manager

Product managers are responsible for product launch strategies.  Especially found in big business and new start-ups.

Pay ScaleHighest paid IT jobs 03

  • UK £50,000
  • Canada CAD 83,494
  • US $103,000
  • India Rs144,029
  1. Systems Architect

A systems architect has the task of designing a company’s system.  They will have a high level of planning and development ability.

Pay Scale

  • UK £50,000
  • Canada CAD 98,863
  • US $107,824
  • India Rs 987,530
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