Half life a 19 year late game review

Finishing half-life gave me a sense of achievement.  After over 18 hours of game play half-life is over and with a sigh of relief it was all over. This game originally came out over 19 years ago when I was around 18 years old. Up until that point you either doom, or quake with the exception of unreal.

Half life
Half-life along with the game unreal is the game that originally changed everything. You are drawn into the combat. Even on the easy difficulty it is a challenging game. Unlike most modern games with recovering health and the normal bullet sponge boss’s, half-life does offers something different.
A game you not only have to run around shooting at the enemy, but think about how you are going to approach the enemy. Not attacking enemies in a situation can change how you approach the level later.

Is it a perfect game? no in this modern day the mechanics don’t hold up. Shooting at enemies can often be frustrating and the lack of diversity in characters. The same band of scientist appear throughout the game. The enemies are not varied the same appear, but their attacks are.

I did not play the original when it released as my computer would not run it, so it feels like the 19-year wait is finally over. I am glad I went through the game, but found it more frustrating at times than enjoyable.

It is however a game everyone should experience and appreciate and a nostalgic game to go back to. If you did give me a chance to play either quake, or half-life then unfortunately I would be launching quake because I do not think the game has the same frantic shooting fun that quake has.  I am looking forward to playing the sequel that I have in my steam library, but one day I will go back and play it on the harder difficulty level.


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