GTX1050 ti Gigabyte 4GB DDR OC Edition Review

GTX1050 ti Gigabyte wasn’t my first purchase option, but what the best option in my price range. The dilemma I had my old PC could not play games on my upgraded monitors. I had up until this year run on 2 19” CRT’s and a very low resolution.

I purchased 2 monitors in the space of 2 weeks. Games would crash when trying to load them. Wanting to upgrading to a  new Intel i7 processor. When AMD released Ryzen processor and with the upcoming new intel coffee lake processor I made the decision to upgrade my old PC with a new graphics card.

I originally intended a GTX1060, but when in the shop there was hundred pounds difference between the two. I decided to go for the best of the GTX1050’s. I believe this might be a more realistic upgrade for people with an older machine. As oppose to buying a console, or a new PC.

GTX1050 Installation

My computer specs are

• Windows 10 64Bit
• 16 GB DDR 3 1600MHz
• Intel i5 4570 3.2GHz
• NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 1357 MHz

Unlike the other GTX1050 and GTX1050 ti’s this card does require a 6 pin power supply.

GTX1050 Out of the Box

This graphics card comes with a set of drivers by gigabyte and on the back of the card is 1 display port, 3 HDMI’s and 1 DVI.  The card unlike all the other

GTX1050 Benchmarking

Running without the graphics card my benchmark tests in time spy would not even run. However now with the inclusion of the graphics card I achieved a score of 2490. This is not the best result in the world, but good enough for gaming.

GTX1050 ti Time Spy

GTX1050 Real World Application

Single Player

Realistically this card is good enough for 1080p gaming, but would struggle with 4K. I have played titles such as DOOM, metro last light, battlefield 3 and 4 and Tomb Raider. These played smooth and without any lag with a descent amount of FPS at around 40 to 60. Funnily although the latest of DOOM’s ran without a problem DOOM 3 BFG Edition had screen tearing issues.  Settings on the games were only set to the high prefix and not ultra.


DOOM multiplayer had no problem, but Star Wars Battlefront had bad screen tearing issues. Half way through playing an online match the screen would freeze up also. This did not happen all the time, but did happen.  Again in game settings set to high not ultra.

Who is the GTX1050 for

If screen tearing does not really put you off this graphics card is for you and it is only minimal. If you have an old PC and would like to breathe some new life into it then this card would be excellent for someone on a budget. Finding cards that are even cheaper in this range is easily done.  They can be as low as around £100 mark.  For this prince you might sacrifice 2 GB of memory.  If you are not interested in 4K gaming and want something better than the current consoles then this card is for you.  Although the GTX1050 ti could handle 4K to some extent it is more designed towards the 1080p market, or lower.

GTX1050 ti Gigabyte 4GB DDR OC Edition Unboxing

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