Getting Started with VR for less than £10

Most people think that VR costs more than it necassairly does.  Most people can have a half way decent VR beginner experience with their mobile phone.  This you can do for under £10, so let me talk you through the process.

Checking If your phone is VR Enabled

The first steps are simple download the Youtube app on your phone and search for VR Rollercoaster and play the video.  If there is a VR icon in the bottom right of the video your phone is VR enabled.

If you do not know how to use Youtube app

You can always look at the infographic to check out a list of mobile phones that are VR compatible at the bottom of this page.  Remember most modern phones especially high end ones will be VR compatible.

Next get a VR headset

The next step in the process will be to find a headset for your immersive VR experience.  This does not have to cost allot of money with build yourself card board headset from as little as £1.99, or you can search amazon, or ebay to find a VR headset from as little as £10.

Finding VR content

Once your head set has arrived you can put your mobile phone into the headset and start enjoying VR content.  Most VR content can be found on iTunes and Google Play and search for VR.  Likewise you can search YouTube for VR and find some content there also.

Top 5 VR Apps To Get Started

  • Discovery VR
  • YouTube VR
  • VR Mountain Sniper Shooting 3D
  • Sister VR
  • VR Cities

Next Level VR Experience

Once you have tried the VR experience and like it you can then think about purchasing a better quality headset.  A mid range headset can cost around £50 but will offer more comfort and features that budget headsets don’t offer.

Getting Started with VR

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