D Programming the next big thing

D programming language the evolution in programming.  First there was C and then there was C++ that added a little extra functionality.  Then C# that added more functionaility.  However programmer’s new they were looking for something a little different.

The problem existed because C and its counterparts run fast.  Faster than languages like Python, Ruby and PHP.  The problem with C and its derivatives is programming in these language takes more time than in easier languages.

Andrei Alexandrescu and Walter Bright looked for the next step in programming.  Together they started development in 2005 and now have a finished product that is being used in Facebook and  ebay.

D programming language woman

Like most modern languages the D programming language has a wide range of uses.  The ability to be used to front-end of a web service to being used in a AAA game.  There is around 10,000 downloads of D every month and it activity within the developer services, GitHub and Stackoverflow, show’s the languages ever growing popularity.

The D programming language feels like an interpreted language meaning the compile and run times are vastly reduced.  D programming at compile time can put itself into the code you write.  Meaning the language can optimise itself as it compiles.

The D programming language has not yet hit the heights set by its developers, but is constantly taking the steps in the right direction. The more people who come on board and use the language the more accepted it will become.

Their goal has been to create a language with the look and feel of C.  With the ease of functionality of Python, Ruby and PHP and it seems like they have succeeded.  If you are interested in taking a look at D then here is the link to their web site for you to go and have a

https://dlang.org/ok yourself.

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