Coffee Lake shortage, Who needs a coffee?

Intel could be facing a Coffee lake  shortage if information circulating is to be believed.  After AMD smashed it a few months ago with their Ryzen processor release and then again with their Threadripper.  People thought Intel might finally be coming back after their lack lustre launch of the  X99 processors SCU’s.  Fans of Intel finally rejoiced when they announced the release of Coffee Lake this month.Coffee Lake Shortage

However, if analysts are to be believed Intel could be a victim of their own success when the new 8th generation processor launches on the expected date of 5th October.  Intel expects the Coffee lake processors to have a mass shortage all around for the near future, or at least until early 2018.

Maybe this could be since this processor release is more of a reaction to the AMD processors rather than a planned launch.  This could have a further action against sails for a previous 7th generation Kaby Lake.  This could be problematic for Intel who were probably hoping to gain back some ground from AMD.  Most likely people will hold off not just buying Coffee Lake processors, but also not buying the previous generation Kaby Lake.

Although Intel had planned all along for the Coffee lake processors would only be a soft launch this year this might be too soft a launch.  Coffee Lake are claiming impressive performance increases on the previous generation.

Coffee Lake shortage conclusion

Has Intel purposely released specifications early.  Handing out processors to reviewers to get feedback for their launch in early 2018.  This would line up with AMD’s new Pinnacle Ridge architecture that will be released in 2018. I think so, but I also think this makes Intel look a little panicked.

It could also be an early reaction to the poorly received i9 platform. As well as AMD’s Ryzen and AMD’s Threadripper.  Has Intel flexed its muscles early is the question.  Should they have waited while November, or December to start the countdown to Coffee Lake.  I personally think so, considering the badly launched i9 range Intel should have waited until they were 100% ready to launch this SCU to be taken seriously once again.


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