Coffee Lake, Intel Strikes back at AMD

Coffee Lake is Intel’s new 8th Generation 14nm Core processor following on from Kaby Lake.  It is to debut on the 21st August.  With a release date scheduled for before Christmas time.  This has been brought forward in a response to AMD’s Ryzen processor range.

Intel had initially promised as much as a 15% increase in performance between Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake.  However now they are claiming a massive 30% increase between the 7th and 8th generation.  There is also hope that the Coffee Lake range will cost the same price as Kaby Lake processors. With AMD’s Ryzen release this year let’s hope that this is a positive and Intel keeps its prices down.

Intel has now fully abandoned their “tick-tock” processor formula.  Which would mean Intel would release a new chip known as “tick”.  Then they would shrink the size of the die down the following year known as the “tock”.  Intel as you can see still claim these huge benefits are still available from the current die size.

A recent leak has shown the suspected chip set’s for the Coffee Lake processors:

Coffee Lake Cores/Threads TDP Base/All-Core Boost/Single-Core Boost Cache Singl-/Multi-thread Performance Gain Memory
i7-8700K 6/12 95W 3.8/4.3/4.7 12MB 11%/51% DDR4-2666
i7-8700 6/12 65W 3.2/4.3/4.6 12MB 18%/58% DDR4-2666
i5-8600K 6/6 95W 3.6/4.1/4.3 8MB 19%/55% DDR4-2400
i5-8400 6/6 65W 2.8/3.8/4.0 8MB 29%/61% DDR4-2400
i3-8350K 4/4 65W 4.0 6MB 17%/65%
i3-8100 4/4 65W 3.8 6MB 16%/61%

What is a first is the bottom end of the scale no longer has a dual core processor.  Likewise, at the top end there is 6 cores 12 thread instead of the usual 4 core 8 threads.

Don’t get too excited though if you own a socket 1151 board. A leak from ASRock stated that potentially Coffee Lake processors will use a new socket. You should see Coffee lake processors being adapted in every sort of computing from laptop to desktop ranges.

Coffee Lake 03

This is all speculation of course, but on the 21st August at 8am PDT, Intel will live stream via its Facebook page and Intel’s news room to finally unveil their next processor.  Let’s hope that with the confusion of intel i9 range this can pull it back for them.Coffee Lake 02

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