Cheating Star Wars Battlefront II multiplayer beta

Cheating Star Wars Battlefront II

Cheating Star Wars Battlefront II happened after just 3 days of access to the multiplayer beta.

This is a game I have waited for with great anticipation for a long a time.  This was until about 2 hours ago when I went on to finish playing to write my review.  Starting the game, I had several deaths suddenly and quickly.  I did not think much of it at the time.  No big deal I thought just one offs.  I am not the best on-line game player in the world.

Cheating Star Wars Battlefront II beta

Then I noticed other players complaining at the same time.  A single player had been taking them down with just one shot several times also.  While in game multiple players were being taken down with one shot at a time and sometimes several players.

Although I think the game up until this point had been highly enjoyable.  People were dropping out of the game in protest.  I did see in the chat a protest that us who were droids at the time were bad players, but they were gaining kill shots through walls and as I have already said taken down multiple players in one shot.

Was it worth it for them ???? Probably!

In the end a single player had amassed every trophy at the end with a 147 kill streak and inflicting most damage.   In a full game of 40 players I find this hard to believe that without some cheating someone could achieve this.

Although this is only a in beta at the minute I do hope that dice find the bug and fix it.  This has put me off writing my review for now, but hope to finish it within the next couple of days.

For people who are interested I joined a second game and was lucky enough to be on the opposing team again and recorded it which you can watch on my youtube channel Tech Blogger UK, or in the video at the end of this article.

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