Canon CS100 Connect Station Review

Today my Canon CS100 Connect Station arrived in the mail. I quickly unwrapped it and set about installing it.  I have read and watched many mixed reviews on the CS100 and although they were mixed I could see the advantage of having one.

CS100 Connect Station front

CS100 Connect Station out of the Box

When unpacking I got was a remote with a power cord and the CS100 Connect Station unit itself.  The manuals seemed to be quite large, but I quickly tossed them to one side and began plugging in the cables.CS100 Connect Station pack

The remote has a texture to the top to give it a premium feel.  The remote itself has been designed for minimum buttons, so to keep things simple and less complicated.  The CS100 Connect Station itself feels very high quality.  Overall it is exactly what’s expected from a Canon product.

CS100 Connect Station installation process

The installation process was straight forward although quite cumbersome.  The only way as a user to interact with the connect is either through the remote, or a tablet/smart phone.  However, when first setting up your limited to the remote and not the most user-friendly experience.

The problem initially is the lack of buttons on the remote.   It can be quite difficult to figure out what button to press.  This is annoying when you accidently press the back button and deletes what has just been entered.  Entering a text is done through an interface that is in alphabetic order with numbers and special characters.  It would have been better if they had included a keyboard style layout like you get in mobiles and tablets.

CS100 Connect Station costings

Although the unit itself does have a premium feel.  For the tag of £219.99 a user should expect no less.  There are promotions that can give a £40 cash back from canon.  However, at this price I would think very carefully when considering this purchase.

A quick search on ebay and amazon reveal connect stations from around £130.  I took a chance on an auction and won the connect station for £65 including delivery.  More into why this is a fairer price in my opinion later.


The CS100 Connect Station once set up is easy to use.  Especially for someone used to dealing with devices that have apps and a remote as an interfaces.  Transferring images onto the device is relatively quick and simple.

In a world where most people loose photo’s, or movies.  Either by forgetting to upload them, or accidently wiping the SD card.  Having a device that you can just drop your camera on and have a safe storage for your images can be a potential saver.

You don’t even have to remove the SD card and you can send photos from your smart phone through the canon app.

Another advantage that can be got is the ability to print from the unit to a canon printer. These are either in the Pixma/SELPHY which I have the Pixma TS6050 and you can see my review here.


Although the transferring of files is simple and efficient it would be faster just to take the memory card out and transfer the images off.   Another down side is the actual space available per cost.  The unit comes with a storage of 1TB.  At a price tag of over £150 new it is going against devices with 4TB of space.

Who should buy the CS100 Connect Station

This is a complicated question because if you are buying the unit new.  Probably you would be better off buying a larger NAS storage and transferring your images normally.

However, if you can get one for the price I got one for £65 over ebay then it is more than worth the money.  This is typically around the cost of 2 TB, but with the addition of NFC connectivity it is worth the purchase.

If you have someone that you would like to share your photo’s with then transferring between CS100 Connect Stations is also relatively simple.


Canon always delivers high quality products and are always excellent.  I have a canon g7x mark II and I am looking at investing in a canon DSLR later in the year.  Giving my purchase price it is an excellent bargin for all the extra bells you get, but would rather have direct access to the storage through my PC like a NAS.

If the drive came with 2 – 3 TB, preferably 3 TB then the price tag would be worth £150, but at the minute too expensive new.  My suggestion is buy second hand and get it for under £100.  Potentially wait also because a new version of the Connect Station is in the pipeline that will probably address all the issues with the original.  Check the video out below for the prototype of the new Canon Connect Station.

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