Bad Rabbit Ransomware, Do not pay experts warn!

Bad Rabbit is Ransomware that invades user’s computers and then locks them out.  It is currently going through computer systems all over Europe.  It is also unclear if an infected computer can be fully restored yet.

Bad Rabbit Ransomware

It is important for users to protect themselves from these types of cyber-attacks.  Being ever vigilant about the software being installed on the computer.  The criminals who are behind these attacks are disguising the software as an Adobe Flash Installer and planting it onto legitimate websites that have already be compromised.

Bad Rabbit is a similar type of software to last year’s Notpeta virus that’s life was short lived when a cure was found relatively quickly.

What Happens When you download and install Bad Rabbit

When you go onto a compromised site your computer will ask you to install Adobe Flash installer.  The problem is criminals are using legitimate compromised web site’s, so the request might seem genuine.

Once the malicious software is installed it goes through the entire hard drive accessing all files and encrypting them.  This makes the files almost impossible for users to regain access to them.  The criminals then ask for money to unencrypt the files.

The criminals are asking for 0.05 Bitcoins as the ransom and for those who do not know.  0.05 Bitcoins works out to be £220 at the time of the exchange rate.

Although by paying the ransom experts have warned this just encourages more of these styles of attacks in the future.

How can you protect yourself from Bad Rabbit?

Although Adobe Flash player is ceasing to exist from 2020 users can disable it, and ignore any prompts to install the software in future.

A vaccine for the Virus

A security researcher from Cybereason has already claimed to have found a fix for the problem.  This should completely block Bad Rabbit from being able to infect your system at all.  For more details you can visit the Cybereasons website here.

Kaspersky labs have also indicated at finding target of which most reside in Russia.  However, people in Europe in particular Turkey and Germany have also been affected.

The best way to stay protected is to stay vigilant for suspicious software.  Just because you go to a web site and the web site seems genuine there is no reason to install the software.  Always go and find the original source of any file from the actual writers of the software.

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