Augmented Reality Vs Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality Vs Virtual Reality is in technical terms incomparable.  Although both use a form of headset they both offer totally different experiences.  People often get confused and think augmented reality and virtual reality, but each offer a way how technology can change the way you view the world.

Since both augmented reality and virtual reality are growing ever popular it is important to know the difference.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is coined as creating an enhanced version of the reality around you.  Microsoft has been championing augmented reality for many years.  Pokemon Go is probably the most widely popular use of augmented reality.

Augmented reality in a nutshell is when the user can see the world and technology alters the reality by adding images on to the existing world.

Augmented Reality iPhone

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is where the user is totally submerged into the world created by the computer.  With the increase in computing power even mobile devices can offer virtual reality to users.

Virtual Reality VR

So who wins the fight between Augmented Reality Vs Virtual Reality

The appropriate answer is neither as both offer a completely different experience to the other.  Augmented reality can offer an AR headset the type originally going to be offered by Google glass.   AR can also help military uses in the field and in surgery.

Virtual reality can offer training for military as well as surgery, but not in the field in a safe controlled environment.  Although virtual reality has been around for many years it is only because of the leaps in technology that it has become more affordable.  PlayStation a games console has released their version of virtual reality.

It is clearly a draw and the winner are us when in a few years’ time augmented reality can be incorporated into our daily lives and virtual reality into our homes and business.

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