AI the next frontier of computing

Technology companies are not without needing the next big thing.  Over the past few years we have seen VR, virtual reality, and AR, augmented reality.  We have also had the revolutionary cloud computing paradigm.  The only logical step forward is advanced AI, artificial intelligence.

AI is not a new concept the battle for good AI has been fought for many years by many tech companies.  Advanced AI is not exactly here just yet.  Most AI can find things on google and have basic chat bots.  Although with some recent problems with AI chat bots manifesting prejudices from humans.  All this really means is the technology is clearly still not where it should be.

However, AI is now slowly being drip fed into our homes through smart appliances and assistants.  With the release and success of Amazons Alexa devices and Googles Home Smart Voice assistant.  AI in our homes is becoming more accepted and this is the key to getting AI more widely accepted.

In a more technological autonomous world it is people that must become more accustomed to dealing with robotic personal assistants.   This will help a leader emerge in the market that right now has just got a plethora of tech companies jostling for position at the top.

Computing power is constantly growing, and the latest smart phone has more than enough computing power to host advanced AI.

This is not enough to become the market leader in advanced AI.  To be the more successful a company will have to be able to stitch all your devices together seamlessly through the same AI assistant.  Meaning to activate the AI on any device should be as simple as switching a device on.    Like the ability to speak to switch the assistant on with a voice command.

This seamless integration will be far more complex issue to over come than the AI itself.  With most companies wanting to push their own version of AI  It would be difficult to want to use your Google Home Assistant from your apple phone while using your windows PC while shopping on amazon with any of these devices.

Although Apple does come close to using Siri in this way not everyone uses an Apple computer to work on.  Most mobile phone users now have an android phone, and this means they do not have access to Siri.  Some people do not own a PC and therefore use a tablet to connect to the internet which brings with it another set of problems.

In summary then the battle for AI dominance will probably come down to the same question as PC Vs Apple Mac, or Iphone Vs Andriod and the ability for these companies to retain loyal customers with possible social AI interaction further down the line.

All this is futile though if technology companies do not give the customers confidence in using more advanced AI  If your first though is to pick the phone up and make the appointment or write down on your shopping list an item.  Instead of picking your mobile phone up and asking your digital assistant to do these things then this technology will just wilt away with the rest of the useless technology designed over the years.

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